Creating an accent wall in any bathroom, domestic or commercial, is a great way to add a focal point that draws the eye and brings a touch of character to your bathroom space. This accent wall can also emphasise your design scheme, whether this is traditional or contemporary, and it’s important to choose accent wall options that will best reflect the style you are aiming to create. Tiles can be a fantastic option, but what are the accent wall tiling options for contemporary bathrooms? And how can you create the right visual result?

What are the effective accent wall tiling options for contemporary bathrooms?

There are a number of effective tiling options that can create a striking accent wall in a contemporary bathroom. These tiling options include:

  • Subway tiles
  • Hexagonal tiles
  • Textured tiles
  • Marble effect tiles
  • Mosaic tiles

Subway tiles

One of the most effective ways to create an accent wall for a contemporary bathroom is to use subway tiles. These have a smaller than standard, rectangular shape and these can be installed in a variety of layouts to add visual interest and character to your bathroom. For a contemporary space, vertical, grid and even herringbone layouts can be highly effective.

These tiles are also available in a range of colours, so that you can choose an option that will contrast with, or complement, the rest of your colour scheme and design. For contemporary spaces, different shades of grey, as well as white, black and blue are all very popular colour options.

Hexagonal tiles

In contemporary bathroom design, hexagonal tiles are becoming more and more popular. These can provide a dynamic aspect with their geometric shape, and are available in a variety of sizes and colours to meet your requirements. Hexagonal tiles can be effectively combined to make elaborate designs or a straightforward yet eye-catching monochromatic style. Larger hexagonal tiles can reduce grout lines and create a smoother wall, but smaller hexagonal tiles can produce a mosaic impression, so you can choose the option that best compliments your contemporary aesthetic design.

Textured tiles

Textured tiles add depth and interest to an accent wall, making it a tactile and visual feature. These tiles are available in various forms, such as 3D wave patterns, linear grooves, or natural stone textures. As such, these can create a spa-like ambiance, especially when combined with soft, neutral colours. Textured tiles also play with light and shadow, adding a dynamic element to the bathroom’s design.

Marble effect tiles

Another effective option is to choose marble effect tiles. These provide the high end, stylish visual appeal of real marble, but these are naturally waterproof and require much less maintenance. For contemporary spaces, choose the colour shades that best complement or contrast with your bathroom design, for a contemporary result that is also luxurious and elegant.

Mosaic tiles

For creating elaborate patterns and decorations on an accent wall, mosaic tiles are ideal. These provide both colour and texture to modern bathrooms, though for a contemporary feature you should avoid intricate, detailed patterns and instead choose ombre or gradient designs.

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