modern tiled bathroom in Preston

The right tiles can have both a positive visual and practical impact in any bathroom. The tiling helps you set the visual tone and can help to create the right overall interior design theme. At the same time, tiles are also naturally waterproof and suited to longevity even in rooms that are wet or damp regularly. Natural effect tiles have seen a sharp rise in popularity over recent years. But why are these so effective? And what are the advantages of choosing natural effect tiles for a stylish bathroom?

What are the advantages of natural effect tiles in the bathroom?

There are a number of benefits and advantages to choosing natural effect tiles in the bathroom. These advantages include:

  • Adding a unique charm
  • Versatile
  • Practical

Natural effect tiles have a unique charm

One of the biggest benefits of natural effect tiles is that these bring unique visual effects to your bathroom space. Natural effect tiles, like timber or stone effect tiles, have an authentic appearance that directly replicate the real thing, without the complications of regular sealing or maintenance. As a result, these tiles can add a natural touch to any room, with wood effect tiles for example, providing your bathroom with warmth and a rustic charm, and stone effect tiles creating a bathroom that is sophisticated and visually dynamic.

In addition, the tiles also combine well with bathroom furniture and different design features in the bathroom. For example, stone effect floor tiles can be well balanced with wooden fitted bathroom furniture for a cohesive and well designed result. This can add depth and character to your bathroom space.

Natural effect tiles are versatile

In addition to the unique charm that natural effect tiles can bring, these are also incredibly versatile. In terms of design, natural effect tiles can be used effectively to complement any interior design theme, contemporary, traditional or rustic. These are also available in a range of tones and neutral colours, and can be installed with layout patterns according to your taste and preference to create a bathroom that perfectly suits your style.

Practical benefits

Finally, natural effect tiles are a highly effective and practical option for creating the look and feel of natural tiling, without the complicated maintenance. Real stone or wood for example would need to be treated and sealed regularly in order to keep this in good condition in the long run, due to the wet nature of the bathroom. In contrast, stone or timber effect tiling is naturally impervious, and this means that these tiles can easily withstand water. These are also resistant to stains and wear and tear, due to their durability.

What are the important considerations when choosing natural effect tiles for a stylish bathroom?

To make sure that you achieve outstanding results, there are a number of important factors you should consider. These include:

  • The size and layout of the bathroom- The size and layout of the bathroom should help you determine the size and style of the natural effect tiles you want to use. Large bathroom spaces for example can make good use of large format tiles, and the continuous tiling effect that this can create. This can be very effective when using stone effect floor tiling.
  • The colour palette and overall colour scheme- When choosing any tiles for your bathroom you should consider the colour, and this is no different for natural effect tiling. While stone and timber effect tiles are only available in natural colours, this still leaves plenty to choose from. From greys and creams, to richer browns and beiges, there are a number of colour options to consider.
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