When it comes to kitchen design, tiles are one of the most important features. These can be perfect for both floors and walls, being naturally waterproof and impervious to stains and spills. Tiles also help to emphasise the design style of the kitchen, whether you want to create a contemporary or a traditional space. So what are the effective contemporary tiling options for large kitchens? And how can you achieve the right results?

What are the effective contemporary tiling options for large kitchens?

There are a number of highly effective tiling options for stylish and contemporary, large kitchens. These can make all the difference to the visual design of the space, as well as being a practical and versatile option for kitchens. Some of the most effective tiling options include:

  • Large format tiles
  • Textured tiles
  • Feature wall tiling
  • Patterned tiles

Large format tiling options for large kitchens

One of the most popular contemporary tiling options for large kitchen spaces is large format tiling. This is created by using tiles that are larger than standard tiles, generally measuring 12×24 inches, or being even larger. Because these are much larger than standard, they can create a seamless look in any kitchen, particularly for floor tiling. This is because there will be fewer grout lines to break up the design of the space, which will make your kitchen seem even larger. This also has the added advantage of being easier to maintain and keep clean, with the tiles being easier to clean without as many grout lines. 

For a contemporary space, choosing natural effect large format tiles, or tiles in greys or neutral tones can be the most effective for accentuating the contemporary design style. 

Textured tiling options for large kitchens

In addition to large format tiles, textured tiles can also be highly effective. These can make a fantastic addition to your wall tiling, adding depth, dimension, and tacticity to your kitchen design. Textured tiles can be a highly effective option for feature wall tiling or tilling in a specific area to create a striking visual effect, and to draw attention. 

There are a number of different finish options for textured tiles, including matte, gloss, and rough textured options. This means that you can choose the best possible option for your kitchen space. 

Feature wall tiling options for large kitchens

One way to create a stylish kitchen space with a contemporary style is to consider feature wall tiling. For large kitchen spaces, this can draw attention and create a focal point that can emphasise your design scheme. Whether you choose to use a contrasting colour, a striking pattern, or an unusual tiling layout, the effect can elevate the visual design and overall aesthetic of your kitchen space. 

Feature walls can be highly effective behind the kitchen sink, or the kitchen island, or behind the oven or cooking areas. 

Patterned tiling options for large kitchens

Finally, for large, contemporary kitchen spaces, patterned tiles can be another effective option. There are a wide range of different options for stylish patterns in any contemporary kitchen, and these include:

Geometric shapes and designs- hexagonal tiles, along with tiles with geometric patterns can be highly effective in a contemporary kitchen as the geometric design supports the contemporary theme, while adding visual interest to the kitchen tiling.

Colour patterns and shading- tiles of different shades can be used together to create an Ombre tiling pattern, or even a checkerboard effect, which can be a playful way to inject colour and character into your large contemporary kitchen.