In contemporary kitchen design, accent walls can serve as focal points, adding personality, texture, and visual interest to the space. While there are a large number of different types of tile options available, for contemporary kitchens, it’s important to choose the best option for your kitchen space. From the colour to the shape, the tiles you choose for your accent wall will need to complement the contemporary design theme. So what are the effective accent wall tile options for contemporary kitchens? And how can you achieve the right visual results?

What are the most effective accent wall tile options for contemporary kitchens?

There are a number of effective options for creating an accent wall with tiles in your contemporary kitchen. These options include:

Subway tiles- Subway tiles are timeless and versatile, and as such they have long been a popular option for accent walls in contemporary kitchens. These are smaller than standard tiles, and rectangular in shape, and these can be installed in a number of different layout options, including herringbone patterns and brick bond layouts. Both of these, along with grid or vertical tiling can be highly effective for creating a focal point in your contemporary kitchen.

Hexagonal tiles- Hexagonal tiles have an unusual shape when compared with square or rectangular tiles and this means that they naturally draw the eye to your focal point in the kitchen. These geometric patterns add visual internet and contrast, and you can even accentuate the design by using a contrasting grout colour to focus on the hexagonal shapes. You can also consider combining different shades of hexagonal tiles for a striking and dynamic accent wall.

Patterned tiles- While patterned tiles are often more closely associated with traditional, farmhouse or rustic kitchens, there are patterned tile options that can be highly effective in a contemporary kitchen. Geometric patterns and Moroccan inspired designs for example can be very effective for drawing attention to your feature wall and making a bold statement. Combining these with plain and neutral tiles in the rest of the kitchen can help to add contrast and visual depth to your contemporary kitchen.

Textured tiles- When creating an accent wall you can also consider using textured tiles to add dimension and a tactile appeal. Ribbed or hammered textured finishes can be very effective for drawing attention and creating visual contrast. This can add character and personality to your contemporary kitchen space, as well as warmth and depth.

Metallic tiles- Another of the effective accent wall tile options for contemporary kitchens is metallic tiles. These can add sophistication and luxury appeal to your contemporary kitchen.

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