Creating a pool area, outdoor or indoor, for a domestic or commercial setting, needs to be well planned and structured. This includes the tiling choices for the pool itself, and the surrounding area. But what are the important considerations for pool tiling? And how can you achieve the right results?

So what are the important considerations for pool tiling?

There are a number of important considerations to bear in mind when choosing tiles for your pool, and surrounding pool area, and when thinking about the installation as well. These considerations include:

  • Slip resistance and safety 
  • Chemical resistance 
  • Grouting 
  • Aesthetic design 
  • Professional installation 

Slip resistance and safety

One of the most important factors to take into account is slip resistance and safety. Whether your pool is to be installed in a domestic home, or a commercial property, like a hotel, spa or leisure centre, it’s essential to choose tiles that have a suitable slip-resistant rating, measured by the R-rating system. For pool surrounds specifically, an R11 rating or higher is advised, so that adequate grip, even when the tiles are wet, can be provided. 

Chemical resistance

One factor to not overlook is the need for chemical resistance. This is because your pool is likely to contain chemicals like chlorine and bromine, which can be corrosive to some tiling materials, and grout. As such, it’s essential to choose tiles that are more resistant to chemical damage, like porcelain tiles, and grout and sealant that is specifically designed for pool environments. This can ensure the longevity of the tiling, and prevent tiling damage that could lead to accidents.

Grouting and adhesives

As mentioned above, the grouting and adhesives you choose for the pool can be just as important as the tiles themselves. Epoxy grout is often recommended for pools due to its water-resistant properties and durability. It is less porous than cement-based grout and as a result, this can better withstand the chemicals used in pool maintenance. For adhesives, a thin-set mortar designed for submerged conditions is necessary to ensure a strong bond that won’t degrade over time.

Aesthetic appeal

This might be one of the most obvious decisions to take into account, with the choice of tiles playing an essential role in the overall aesthetic and design of the space. Lighter colors can make the pool look bigger and more inviting, while darker shades can give a more dramatic and sophisticated appearance. Mosaic tiles can create intricate and attractive designs, adding a unique touch to the pool’s aesthetics. For commercial pools you can also consider pairing the aesthetic choices of the tiles themselves with company branding colours, for a high quality, professional result. 

Professional installation for pool tiling

Finally, it is essential to choose a professional, trusted team for your pool tiling. A professional team, like us here at Tile Style Lancashire, can ensure that tiles are installed correctly, reducing the chance of future problems from occurring, like lifting or cracking. We have the expertise to deliver stunning pool tiling, navigating curves, slopes and complex designs, for a high quality, knock out result. 

For more information or advice about your pool tiling, and what we can offer here at Tile Style Lancashire, get in touch today. We are Preston’s leading tiling professionals.