Patterned tiles have become increasingly popular in bathroom design, as these are a great way to emphasise the style and design of your room. Versatile and stylish, patterned tiles can be subtle, adding a hint of character to your bathroom, or they can be bold to attract attention and interest. But what are the popular patterned tile options for bathrooms? And what should you consider?

What are the popular patterned tile options for bathrooms?

There are a number of different options that are commonly used for adding patterned tiles to any bathroom space. These include:

  • Geometric patterns
  • Victorian tiling
  • Moroccan themed tiles

Geometric patterned tiles in the bathroom

One of the most popular patterned tile options for any bathroom is geometric patterns. These can have a contemporary twist, or be more traditional in style, which means that these are a versatile option for any bathroom, in any style. For example, geometric patterned tiles can feature bold and well defined lines and patterns to create a striking area of visual interest. On the other hand, they can use neutral tones for more subtle patterns and a softer design.

Victorian patterned tiles in the bathroom

Another popular option for patterned tiles in the bathroom are Victorian patterned tiles. As the name suggests, these are based on traditional Victorian tiling, which makes them perfect for more traditional bathroom spaces.

In terms of design, Victorian patterned tiles tend to feature intricate floral or geometric patterns in a variety of colours, including rich blues, greens, and reds. This means that they can add vintage charm to your period bathroom and create a visual effect that will be timeless.

Moroccan tiling in the bathroom

Another popular patterned tile option is to use Moroccan themed tiling. These are tiles that have bold colours and intricate geometric designs, inspired by traditional Moroccan designs. These can add warmth, character and visual interest to any bathroom space, and help to create a bathroom that is luxurious and relaxing. These tiles are available in a wide range of sizes, which means that they can make for a striking feature wall, or even floor tiling.

Consider the size of the space

When choosing patterned tiles for the bathroom it’s important to bear a number of considerations in mind including the size of the space and the overall layout. For example, in smaller bathrooms, choosing smaller tiles with a more subtle pattern can be more effective for the space. These smaller tiles will help the space feel less overwhelmed and busy, and allow the pattern to shine. On the other hand, larger bathrooms can make use of bolder and brighter patterns that can make a significant statement for the room.

Consider the overall aesthetic

You will also need to consider the overall aesthetic of the bathroom design. If you want to create a traditional bathroom space, Victorian or vintage patterned tiles can be highly effective, while for a more contemporary space, geometric patterned tiles can be much more effective.

Installing patterned tiles in the bathroom

When it comes to installation, hiring a professional tiler is highly recommended, especially when working with intricate patterns. A skilled tiling team, like us here at Tile Style Lancashire, will ensure that the tiles are properly installed and grouted, resulting in a finished product that looks seamless and professional.

If you are looking for high quality tiles and professional tiling for your bathroom, why not get in touch with Preston’s leading experts today, here at Tile Style Lancashire.