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Decorating your living room space with a cohesive and well planned design strategy can be essential for creating the right visual result. Floor tiles can be a highly effective option for this, as well as bringing practical benefits. But what are the benefits of living room floor tiles? And what should you consider when choosing living room floor tiles?

So what are the benefits of living room floor tiles?

When creating a stylish and practical living room space, floor tiles can be the perfect option. These bring a wide range of benefits and advantages, including:

Durability- One of the biggest benefits of floor tiles is their durability. When compared with other flooring options, like carpet or hardwood, floor tiles offer a much higher level of durability. Not only are these more resistant to wear and tear, making them the perfect choice for high traffic areas like the living room, but these are also stain and water resistant too. As a result, your living room floor tiles will remain in top condition for longer than any other flooring option would.

Ease of maintenance- In addition to their durability, floor tiles are also very easy to clean and maintain. These do not trap dust and dirt in the way that carpet does, and they do not need the same level of maintenance and sealing as hardwood. Instead, floor tiles in the living room can easily be mopped or swept to remain in good visual condition, and spills can be easily wiped away.

Versatility in design- Floor tiles in the living room can also bring visual benefits. These make use of a variety of colours, patterns and textures so that you can be sure to choose the perfect tiles for the visual design you want to create. Whether your space is traditional or contemporary in design, floor tiles can help you create the perfect visual result.

What are the effective options for living room floor tiling options?

When choosing the right floor tiles for your living room, there are a number of different options to consider. These include:

Floor tiling colour- One of the first factors to consider when choosing floor tiling options for your living room is the colour. Tiles are available in a range of colours, from neutral and natural tones like creams, beiges and browns, to pastel colours and even bright colours. Black and white floor tiles also remain popular. You should consider your interior design scheme when choosing the colour of your living room floor tiles, as well as the overall colour scheme, to ensure design cohesion.

Floor tiling shape- In addition to the colour of the living room tiles, you should also consider the shape of the tiles. Square and rectangular tile shapes are a popular option that can be highly effective, but curved and hexagonal tiles can have a unique and interesting effect in any space.

Floor tiling size- Tiles are also available in a range of sizes, and this applies also to living room floor tiling. Large format tiles in the living room for example can help to create a continuous tiling effect that is very popular for modern and contemporary spaces.

Patterns and designs- Finally, you should consider the patterns and designs for your living room floor tiling. Patterned tiles with geometric designs can be very effective in contemporary living rooms, while floral patterns can complement a traditional space. As well as the tiles themselves being patterned, you can also use the tiling layout to create a stylish pattern, including herringbone tiling and basketweave options.

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